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Unblocked Tetris

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Unblocked Tetris game is a simple game that you must have played sometime in your life. It is a mental game that involves arranging objects of various shapes and colours to create a unique line on the playing area. These objects of various shapes and colours fall from the top of the playing area. Game releases various shapes and colours at different times. As the one playing, your role is simple.

Once the shape of a certain colour is released, use the moving keys to place it in a place it will create a pattern of the same colour. The playing keys are «Left», «Right», «Up» and «Down» buttons on your keyboard. Once the shape has been placed, another is released from the top. Follow the already created pattern with those already placed to move and place this new shape accordingly. The «Left» and «Right» keys move the shape sideways. «Up» key rotates the shape, while «Down» key adds some speed. Press the «Up» key until the shape rotates to fit where you intend to place it. Different Unblocked Tetris come with time limit while others come without.

This online based flash game comes with an added difficult level since time is of essence in dropping the shapes. Once you have managed to create a complete line of similar colours on the playing area, the line evaporates and you earn some bonus. The player plays for bonus and level. The main goal of game Unblocked Tetris is to create as many lines of same colour as possible. The more lines you create the more bonus you earn and the higher the level you move.

The unlocked version we are talking about today comes with up to ten levels. This ensures that you keep on improving though different levels of difficult you as go up. Clearing one level gives you satisfaction and confidence to move further. The more levels you unblock in Tetris, the higher the urge to face the difficult and conquer it. Unblocked Tetris online is everyone’s game. Try it today.

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